Love is in the Bag Volume 3

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By: Ace Vitangcol, Jed Siroy
With: Andrew Agoncillo, Ryan Cordova, Glen Que

204 Pages
ISBN: 978-971-94036-1-6
Alturia Hill Publishing

A wacky comedy about a romance with rivals in hot purse-uit!

The first game between Saint Xander and Kripbam is finally over, but bigger issues loom ahead as Calvin secretly struggles through an injury, and his relationship with Kate takes on a new, unfamiliar twist.

After a brief truce, Genevieve has issued her ultimatum to Kate: face her in a contest that will decide if Calvin Jacobs stays, or heads back to London! To tackle this tough task, Kate gets help not only from her best friend Kara, but from a few unlikely people as well. New alliances are formed, while old ones are tested as the crafty Genevieve begins planting seeds of doubt among the gang, most notably Calvin Jacobs himself. Who will win? More importantly, who will Calvin Jacobs choose?

Chock-full of silly gags, awkward situations, and tingly romance,
Love is in the Bag is an atypical love comedy that’s sure to brighten your day…and prove that in love, with the right set of friends, it’s all in the bag.

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