Love is in the Bag Volume 2

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By: Ace Vitangcol, Jed Siroy
With: Andrew Agoncillo, Ryan Cordova, Glen Que

204 Pages
ISBN: 978-971-94249-0-1
Alturia Hill Publishing

A wacky comedy about a romance with a lot of excess baggage!

Kate’s secret crush on Calvin isn’t so secret anymore, as Kara and the gang worked on Kate’s confidence and got the dense Calvin Jacobs to finally notice our sometimes-leather heroine.

However, here comes Genevieve Van Heusen, the beautiful blonde who introduces herself as Calvin’s…girlfriend?! Now Kate must not only compete with her, but also with Calvin’s other love: Basketball. With the upcoming showdown between Saint Xander and Kripbam looming around the corner, Kate must make a tough decision. Will she put the team’s best interest ahead of hers and let Calvin be, or will she choose to fight against her new-found competition and get the boy of her dreams?

Chock-full of silly gags, awkward situations, and tingly romance,
Love is in the Bag is an atypical love comedy that’s sure to brighten your day…and prove that in love, with the right set of friends, it’s all in the bag.

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