The Mystery of Valehollow: The Lorelei Wang Case Files


By: Ace Vitangcol, Jed Siroy
With artists: Andrew Agoncillo, Ferdenee Mempin, Yana SolaWith writers: Ryan Cordova, Glen Que

200 Pages
ISBN: 978-971-94036-9-2
Alturia Hill Publishing

Welcome to Valehollow Estate.

Genius Detective Lorelei Wang and her assistants Chloe Karan and
Dr. Mara Spencer have been summoned to the ancient mansion. Their mission: find the missing millionaire, Austin Sisley, and uncover the mysterious forces troubling Valehollow Estate.

As Lorelei delves deeper into the estate, myths become reality, and supernatural forces begin appearing. Strange happenings and sightings abound, and soon Detective Lorelei begins to question not only the case itself, but her own sanity.

From the makers of the hit series Love is in the Bag and Angel Crush, comes this riveting, illustrated CHOSEN PATH adventure. Can you help Detective Lorelei solve this mystery while keeping her from harm’s way? Do so quickly, because once you enter Valehollow, you are no longer just a reader – you are a participant!

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