Angel Crush Volume 5

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By: Ace Vitangcol, Jed Siroy
With: Ryan Cordova, Glen Que

168 Pages
ISBN: 978-971-94249-2-5
Alturia Hill Publishing

After falling for Julien’s trap, Faye and Marion must now face the combined forces of the Irin of Illusions and the Irin of Dominance. As if that wasn’t enough, they transform Sandy Oak into their mind-controlled puppet. Fortunately, Marion won’t have to fight alone as Michael Finch arrives to help even the odds.

While Cupid keeps Gale safe at home, Faye and the others struggle to solve this new predicament. How was Julien able to recover so quickly? Why are two Irin getting regular humans involved in their plan? With each new encounter, Julien drifts away from the qualities expected of warriors with heavenly powers. Where will his dark path take them all… and is it even Faye’s responsibility to save him from himself?

From the creators of the hit comedy series, “Love is in the Bag,” comes a fantastic comedy adventure that’s truly divine. Join Faye and the rest of the gang, as they explore the world and broaden their horizon. While Faye tries to teach Gale about the world of humans, she too will discover how to open her eyes, and touch someone’s heart.
Angel Crush – choose a side, it’s all good.

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