Angel Crush Volume 2

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By: Ace Vitangcol, Jed Siroy
With: Ryan Cordova, Glen Que, Ferdenee Mempin

168 Pages
ISBN: 978-971-94036-6-1
Alturia Hill Publishing

With Cupid – the self-proclaimed most powerful angel of Heaven – charged with protecting Faye and Gale, things are beginning to look bright. However, his brash attitude and arrogance continue to grate on Faye’s nerves and threaten to break their fragile alliance.

Meanwhile, as the discord between Faye and Cupid continue to affect the Society of Eclectic Education (or S.E.E. Club), a shadowy entity makes its move towards Faye. Will she manage to mend her relationship with her guardian angel, or will she fail both herself and Gale? Cupid is definitely tough to get along with…but is there more to him than he lets on?

From the creators of the hit comedy series, “Love is in the Bag,” comes a fantastic comedy adventure that’s truly divine. Join Faye and the rest of the gang, as they explore the world and broaden their horizon. As Faye tries to teach Gale about the world of humans, she too will discover how to open her eyes, and touch someone’s heart.
Angel Crush – choose a side, it’s all good.

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